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ABOUT Grainpac Melbourne

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New modern and fully equipped grain packing and fumigation facilities located at Laverton North, VIC

Grainpac Melbourne was incorporated in December 2012 by a group of unsecured creditors of One World Grain (Liquidators Appointed) Pty Ltd for the purposes of acquiring and operating the former OWG bulk containerisation facility in Melbourne.

The creditors of OWG, represented by the committee of creditors, were passionate about rescuing the business of OWG to ensure the best possible outcome for all creditors. Many avenues were explored but ultimately the only viable option available was to purchase the assets of OWG and to begin a fresh operation. Accordingly, the committee of creditors sent an open invitation to all unsecured OWG creditors to form a syndicate to purchase the site. Many of the unsecured creditors saw the possibilities in this unique approach and came together to establish Grainpac.

Grainpac is run as an independent business with oversight by four Directors drawn from the list of creditors of OWG who elected to become shareholders.

Unlike the former owners of the site, Grainpac Melbourne is not a trading business. Grainpac’s sole mandate is to provide professional, quality contract packing and fumigation services to the agricultural sector.

Our Services

Competitive rates offered for a variety of agricultural commodities

Our expertise in the field of grain packing and our fully equipped facilities enables us to provide the following services:


Grainpac Pty Ltd

Department of Agriculture Export Registered Establishment No. 1318
Department of Agriculture Region "LAV" (Laverton North).

Business Manager: Peter Barlow

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