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Receival, Storage, Containerisation & Freight to Port of Melbourne

Product Commodity Average Tonnes per Container Export Container Packing Rates per Tonne
Cereals Wheat 26.0 P.O.A
Barley 22.0 P.O.A
Oats 18.0 P.O.A
Maize 25.5 P.O.A
Sorghum 24.5 P.O.A
Pulses Chick Peas 23.0 P.O.A
Faba Beans 25.0 P.O.A
Field Peas 24.0 P.O.A
Lupins 25.5 P.O.A
Other Canola 22.0 P.O.A
Other - P.O.A

*Export container packing rates include onsite Department of Agriculture charges
*Domestic Container Packing Rates are $1.00 per tonne less than Export Container Packing Rates

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What's Included:

  • 80 tonne x 28 metre weighbridge onsite.
  • Classification of grain received in for packing per GTA commodity standards.
  • Up to the first fourteen (14) days of storage.
  • Pick up of empty 20’ container(s) from designated Melbourne container parks and delivery to Grainpac Melbourne facility.
  • Onsite Department of Agriculture empty container inspection.
  • Supply and fitting of false bulkheads (where applicable) and bolt seals.
  • Department of Agriculture container approval and export compliance documentation (where applicable).
  • Packing list, weighbridge tickets, fumigation certificate (where applicable).
  • Sampling, testing and classification of each individual container.
  • Wharf documentation (PRA), time slot bookings and return of packed 20’ container(s) to designated container terminal in Melbourne.
  • Container Chain Fee and Vehicle Booking System (VBS).

Note: Rates are based on industry average weight per container for each commodity. Where actual weight of container is below industry average,additional charges may apply.


Freight charge for 40’ containers is available on application.


Additional Services






Onsite Surveyor Inspections


Composite Samples









Carry Charge




Receival & Outturn



  • Methyl Bromide $5.00 per tonne (minimum 75 tonnes, if less P.O.A.)
  • Profume $ P.O.A.


  • Not applicable - to be organised and paid for by client directly.


  • Containerisation charge includes postage/courier fees for two (2) composite samples per consignment. Where additional samples are requested, associated postage/courier fees will be on-charged at cost.


  • Available upon request at $2.00 per tonne. Exact details of blending requirement to be forwarded to Grainpac Melbourne before commencing.


  • After the first fourteen (14) days, $2.00 per tonne per week (or part thereof).


  • Applicable for grain received in for containerisation but subsequently out-turned due to cancellation of packing instructions by the client.$10.00 per tonne.
Containerisation Booking Policy
  • Availability of packing space must be confirmed by Grainpac Melbourne prior to booking being accepted.
  • Packing instructions for confirmed bookings must be received fourteen (14) days prior to first date of receivals for the nominated vessel, unless agreed otherwise. Such information to include commodity, grade, tonnage, contract reference, sample requirements, name of shipping line, booking number, vessel, voyage number, empty release depot, discharge port and final destination.
  • If packing instructions with vessel details are not received within the timeframe, the space is subject to reconfirmation.
  • Any amendments to packing instructions within seven (7) days of the first date of receival for the nominated vessel will be subject to acceptance by Grainpac Melbourne.

Terms and Conditions


  • Farmer’s dressed bulk only.
  • Grain is comingled on a grade for grade basis unless requested otherwise – additional charges may apply where clients request standalone segregations.
  • Shrinkage rate of 0.2% applies for all cereals and 0.6% applies for all pulses.
  • Detailed stock reports to be emailed to clients on a weekly basis.
  • Grainpac Melbourne can/will purchase/sell miscellaneous tonnages leftover (or short) for orders at agreed market rates.
  • Insurance of the commodity during transit to, transit from and whilst in store at Grainpac Melbourne is to remain the care and account of the client.
  • Payment terms are fourteen (14) days from the end of the week of completion of each packing order, to approved clients.
  • Grainpac Melbourne will not accept quality or other claims on shipments which have not been subject to independent quality inspection and verification prior to shipment.
  • It is the clients responsibility and cost to appoint an appropriate inspection service.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure residues on all grain tendered for packing are compliant with the MRL’s (Maximum Residue Limits) for the importing country or domestic market. As Grainpac Melbourne has no contractual relationship with the actual supplier of the grain, it will not be Grainpac Melbourne’s responsibility to request vendor declarations or treatment information. Any breach of MRL standards will be referred back to the client for action.
  • A fumigation certificate will only be issued if treatment is requested and performed by Grainpac Melbourne or if a third party treatment certificate is provided prior to packing.
  • We reserve the right to amend packing rates to reflect current freight costs, fuel levy, etc as required.
  • All prices are in Australian dollars and are exclusive of GST.

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